A photo can convey so much more than words. A photo can show the best time in a person’s life. Or a photo can bring us back to a point or event that means something to friends and family. Here at Honor Life, we believe that displaying photos of our loved one’s memories can help us remember who they are to us and how we want to remember them.

If the cemetery allows the addition of a photo to your memorial, a photo isn’t difficult to display on your stone.  We have two methods that will create a lasting impression and add more personalization to a memorial.

The first being Engraved Photos.  This is simply sandcarving a photo consisting of many different tones and shades of black and white.  It is converted to a halftone image, in which an image is broken into small dots, much like that of a photo in a newspaper.  The dots vary in size to represent the tonal areas of the artwork, giving the illusion of a grayscale image.  We have perfected our process and have produced many beautiful photos of loved ones on granite.   All Engraved Photos can be added for free on Imperial Black only – regardless of size or shape.

Our second method is kiln fired digital images or Ceramic Photos.  This method allows for color, sepia, and/or black and white.  Basically, we reproduce your photo directly on a ceramic metal backed tile.  Porcelain is available, although it is not as durable, as it allows for better colorization that does not show as well on Ceramic.  Your original photo or scanned image is reproduced exactly and then we permanently fire it.  A few varieties to choose from are, for example, oval, square, and heart.  They also come in a range of sizes.  Your granite stone is cut to the shape and depth of the ceramic so it is inlaid flush with the surface to protect your investment and provide durability.   Ceramic Photos start at $194 and up and it generally takes us two weeks to produce.

So, there you have it, two distinctive ways to display your precious memories of your loved ones.  Whether you choose Engraved photos or Ceramic kiln fired photos, you will leave a lasting impression on the memory of your loved one that best showcases their story.  What can we help you design today?


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