Are pictures allowed on a headstone?

Ceramic photos are permanent kiln fired digital images. Any original photo or scanned image can be reproduced and permanently fired into a variety of oval, square and rectangular size ceramic tiles that will withstand the test of time. When we place your ceramic on your headstone we sandcarve the granite to the shape and depth of the ceramic so it is inlaid flush with the surface. This processes further protects your ceramic from the elements and a prevention against vandalism.

Original Photo

Sepia Photo

Black and White Photo

Color Photo

NOTE: Ceramic orders usually take 4 weeks to produce.

If so, are Engraved or Ceramic pictures allowed?

In order to sandblast (engrave) a photo consisting of many different tones, shades and colors we must convert it into a halftone image. Halftone artwork is used to reproduce grayscale images by breaking the image into small dots (like photos in the newspaper).

These dots will vary in size to represent the tonal areas of the artwork, giving the illusion of a grayscale image.

The first engraved photo up to an 8″x10″ is Free on an Imperial Black marker.

Picture Ordering Process

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