Honoring a Life Well Lived

Paula “Nana” Lomas

“Family” can be such a broad term we use to describe relatives, friends, and loved ones. For me, my Nana was the one who taught me what the word ‘family’ really means: a...

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Amber’s Story

One Friday night in September, 2016, I read the email below. It moved me with compassion to help this family. I’m not writing this to make me or my company sound good or that we did anything great....

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My Grandma and My Mom

My grandma Esther and my mom, two beautiful women who have cared more for others than themselves. They have devoted their lives to their families and have been so loving, caring, hardworking and...

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Honoring My Mother, Juanita Diaz

Mother’s Day is about loving mom for mothering us. It’s about loving mom for disciplining us, endless concerns, pushing us, and loving us. You truly are a reflection of a mother, I love...

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