Engraved Donor Walls and Memorial Walls

Engraved donor walls and memorial walls are often used to recognize philanthropy, civil service, military service, and community service. Walls can be designed and built from granite, marble, stone tiles, or a variety other materials. Honor Life Recognition has constructed donor walls and memorials for a multitude of churches, cathedrals, civic buildings, charity organizations, schools, and other entities.

Please scroll down to view photos of our donor wall and memorial wall projects. You can also view our entire collection of project photos on our project gallery page.

Project Considerations

While donor wall and memorial wall projects are more complex to manage relative to plaque memorials, the end result is a stunning and lasting tribute. The finished project often becomes a recognized destination that visitors can enjoy for decades. And, if you are using the wall to support your fundraising efforts, the finished project will be a strong showpiece to share with prospective donors.

Factors to consider when designing an engraved donor wall or memorial wall project.

  • Budget
  • Location
  • Size; whether the wall will be finite or “living”
  • Construction and permitting requirements
  • Ongoing maintenance of the wall

Honor Life Recognition has the experience and expertise to guide you through these decisions.

Sandblasting for personalization and quality

Honor Life Recognition uses a sandblasting process to engrave donor walls and memorial walls. The sandblasting process allows for detailed personalization and results in a higher quality finished product versus other engraving methods.

Crystal Cathedral

Black granite donor wall at Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove, CA.

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