Central Valley

For almost 100 years, Evergreen Cemetery has served as the final abode for numerous inhabitants of the Valley. It is a part of the Central Valley Cemetery District, which also encompasses Terrace Park Cemetery in Holtville.

For those who honor our military and veterans, the Montoya-Castro Brothers memorial is a must-visit. Unveiled in 2016, this shrine-like edifice is marked by a slab inscribed with the poignant phrase “All gave some… Some gave all.”

The memorial boasts above-ground compartments for the interment of ashes, adorned with flags symbolizing every military branch. Nestled behind this dignified monument are the graves of veterans who dedicated their lives to serving our country.

Looking beyond the inherent solemnity of cemeteries, Evergreen Cemetery offers a serene environment for reflection on human and local history, a place for comfort, a retreat from everyday life, and, above all, a space to honor and celebrate existence.

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