Paula “Nana” Lomas

May 19, 2017

Paula Lomas Anita Della-Rocco

Paula Lomas with my mom Anita Della-Rocco

“Family” can be such a broad term we use to describe relatives, friends, and loved ones. For me, my Nana was the one who taught me what the word ‘family’ really means: a person who is always there, always loving, and always putting you ahead of their personal life.

Paula Lomas

Nana and me (Paula “Nana” Lomas and John-Anthony DeMarzo)

It’s true what people say, “You don’t really know how much you miss someone until you’re unable to talk to them anymore.”

I remember growing up being blessed that she lived only two hours away. She would make the drive at least one weekend a month to see my baseball games as a kid, even if it was only for an hour. Looking back now, I see the sacrifice, I understand the time and effort it takes to put someone else first. As I got older, and had my own car, I drove up to see her as often as I could. One of my most vivid memories is convincing my college friends to make the drive to go to an In-n’-Out she lived next to, just so I could introduce them to her. That’s the kind of Nana she was, the one you want everyone to meet, the one you want to tell stories about.

I miss her smile, her cooking, and especially her laugh! She could fill you with joy with just a moment of laughter.

I’m thankful she knew our Lord Jesus Christ, it gives me confidence I’ll see her again.

I love you Nana, you’ll forever be remembered.

Your grandson,

Jack and Paula Lomas

Pictured Left to Right: Jack Lomas, Mia DeMarzo, John-Anthony DeMarzo, and Paula Lomas

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