Where to Begin When Purchasing a Headstone

by | Apr 21, 2016

One of the hardest times in a person’s life is when a loved one has passed away. There are so many things to do, a lot of decisions to make and so many overwhelming feelings – not to mention that dealing with grief is already not an easy task. Buying a headstone can be a challenge in itself.

Grey Flat Headstone Closeup

Example of a customized Flat Headstone in Grey granite

You may find yourself asking questions like these: What color do I get? What about the size? Or the biggest of all, where do I even start?

Here are some important steps to follow when you go to order a headstone:

Step #1:

variations of stones

A sample of the many shapes, sizes, and colors available

The first thing you should do before ordering a headstone is contact your cemetery for their rules and regulations.

Every cemetery will have a different set of rules that you must adhere to. Sometimes they will vary depending on the location of the plot in the cemetery itself. It is not safe to assume that just because the neighboring plot has a particular stone that you are able to get the same kind. Different sections in the cemetery may have different requirements. It is not always as simple as buying any size, shape or color.

Some cemeteries may be very strict with what they allow, others may not be – it all depends on the individual cemetery. The reason that this step is so important to follow is, if the rules and regulations are not followed, the cemetery is within their rights to reject the stone that you purchase. This means they will not allow the stone into the cemetery and you will be left with a headstone and no place to put it. You will need to follow exactly what they require or you run the risk of having this happen to you. If you are unsure about what the cemetery is actually asking of you, don’t be afraid to have the cemetery explain it. You can also reach out to the monument company you are thinking about getting your stone from, they can help you. Here is a link with some important questions to ask your cemetery: Click Here.

Photograph by Honor Life www.honorlife.com

Step #2:

research headstone memorialDo some research! You do not have to order your stone from your cemetery. The law requires that the cemetery allow you to purchase a headstone from the vendor of your choice. If you decide not to order your stone through your cemetery then can research different monument companies. You need to make sure that the monument company you will be using has the type of stone that your cemetery requires. Just like I spoke about in Step #1, this is to ensure the acceptance of your stone into the cemetery. When you are looking at other monument companies and their prices be sure to look at how much the engraving costs. Some cemetery’s offer unlimited engraving for free however, in some cases there are monument companies that will only allow you a certain amount of characters for free. After those characters are used they will most likely charge you per letter – this could add up. You want to check the shipping charge and tax as well. Compare the prices and then see what is the best option for you.

“You do not have to order your stone from your cemetery.”

Step #3:

granite color samplesNow it’s time to look at the different options for the stone. Remember, as long as the stone you order abides by the rules and regulations of the cemetery than there should be no problem. The first thing to decide about your stone is the color. When buying a headstone it is your opportunity to express your loved one and that means representing who they are in the memorial – this could include the color of the granite! Maybe your loved one had a favorite color of red, in this case you could look at the options for a red stone.

So there you have it. You are equipped with some great information to get you started on your journey of remembering your loved one. You can have many options once you get started such as adding graphics or clip art to show off their personality or commemorate with a photo on ceramic metal for a personal touch. Even the wording is up to you. A clever saying or nickname, phrase or endearment puts the finishing touch on your memorial. Come visit us at www.honorlife.com, select a stone and get started with our online designer!

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