The passing of a loved one is a trying time for everyone. The process of acceptance can be difficult and long. Despite grieving for the loss, everyone goes through the process of bidding farewell to the deceased person in the manner they feel appropriate. Gravemarkers offers you a great way to build a lasting memory of loved ones who have gone from the earth but we still hold their memories close to our hearts.

 Trends in Gravemarkers

Gravemarkers come in various shapes and sizes.  Today, we have a wide range of choices in grave markers which can be befitting to the individual. In the past, we had few choices in materials and the majority of the tombstones were made of some stone that can stand and survive the weather and remind us of the final resting place of our loved one.

Customarily the etching shows full name, date of birth, date of passing, of the deceased person. However, today you can see an upcoming trend of inscribing specific phrases or poems to pay further respect to the deceased person. At many graveyards, you can see grave markers having picture tiles also known as ceramic portraits. Today, you can also find small vase kept near stones to keep flowers.

People want their deceased loved one to have best when pass away. Hence, many people order headstones made of materials like granite or bronze that can withstand harsh weather and keep the memory alive. Unlike older days when hand engraving was the most common method used to inscribe messages or information about the deceased. Today cutting edge sandcarving technology is used to personalize the marker.

The Gravemarker is the last tribute to our loved one who has left the world. They stand as a lasting mark in the history to show our loved one is very much part of the world even though not physically present in our life.

When looking for headstones to mark the final resting place of your loved one make sure the marker you choose can withstand the harshest climatic conditions and protect and preserve family memories.

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