The moment you enter a cemetery and look around, you can always find several tombstones that are warn out or falling apart. We cannot blame the ground keepers for the poor condition of the Gravemarkers. The cemetery personnel are only responsible to take care of the cemetery grounds. It normally the responsibility of family members to take care of the Gravemarkers and replace any aged or worn headstones.

Building a new monument

Preserving the memory of a loved one is a concern for many families. Replacing a headstone is easier as we have a wide range of sizes and colors to choose from. The cost and expense of replacing an aged or worn headstones depends on various factors. Comparing different options is a good idea to obtain a perfect monument for the loved one who passed away. There are several Gravemarker styles to choose from –

  • Flat headstones are the most popular Gravemarker styles. Flat headstones are less costly than other styles and are made to be installed in the ground.
  • Serp Top Slant are installed above ground. Each slant marker is personalized to the exact specifications requested by loved.
  • Pillow Top – is made from premium granite and is installed above the ground much like the serp top slant.

After you have selected the style of marker, you need to choose the marker color.

Colors of Headstones

Choosing the right granite color can be just as significant as selecting a font and wording.

  • Granite colors include Grey, Black, Imperial Red, Imperial Grey, Imperial Red, Mahogany, Blue Pearl,  Himalayan, Desert Pink, Emerald Pearl and Bahama Blue

Costs of replacing marker

The cost of the marker is only part of the expense of replacing the aged tombstone. Adding a ceramic photograph provides a unique opportunity to share your loved ones image with visitors for generations to come.  If you are planning to customize the marker, you need to pay more for additional features like photos. Other related costs are shipping and installation of the marker on the grave.

Replacing worn headstone can provide comfort and give you the opportunity to remember and respect the person who has passed away.

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