How Much Does a Memorial Cost?

by | May 12, 2016

The cost of a memorial is controlled by the type of granite used, the shape and polish of the stone. Some memorials are comprised of multiple parts such as the die (upright portion of the memorial) a base and vases or statues.

A completely custom shape can be created for your memorial and will add a little to the cost.

All of our memorial product are 100% natural granite. Grey is the least expensive of the granite colors, and Blue Pearl, and Emerald pearl are the most expensive.

The least expensive shape is the flat lawn marker.  Memorials for adults usually start at 20x10 with 24x12 being the most common.  Companion markers start at 24x12 and the most common is 28x16.

Here is a list of the standard shapes of memorials ordered from the least to most expensive starting price:

20 inch x 10 inch x 3 inch Flat Granite Headstone in Imperial Black with design F-408

Flat granite marker in Imperial Black

20 inch x 10 inch x 6 inch Pillow Top Headstone in Blue Pearl with design B-17

Pillow Top Granite Headstone in Blue Pearl

Slant Granite Headstone in Imperial Red

18 inch x 6 inch x 24 inch Serp Top Upright Headstone polished front and back with 24 inch Base in Emerald Pearl with design T-4

Serp Top Upright Granite Headstone in Emerald Green

24 inch x 6 inch x 40 inch Carved Rose Upright Headstone polished all sides with 34 inch Base in Desert Pink

Carved Upright Granite Headstone in Desert Pink


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