Over the past few weeks, we have seen two major storms, Harvey and Irma. Leaving a path of destruction along the way, these two storms devastated not only property but people’s lives. These stories are so sad, some loss of life, which is the saddest of all.

More than 180,000 people huddled in shelters in the Sunshine State. A quote found in the Miami Herald on September 12th, “How are we going to survive from here?” asked Gwen Bush, who waded through thigh-deep floodwaters outside her central Florida home to reach National Guard rescuers and get a ride to a shelter. “What’s going to happen now? I just don’t know.”

Many more have that question….So what now?

Well, it is now time to rebuild.  America is at its strongest when it’s pushed. I find that to be true in everyday life as well. The Bible speaks of how the church grew when they were persecuted, we grow through our tribulations and we become more resilient. Make sure you don’t become hard-hearted and callous.

Always find something to be thankful for, remember someone has it worse than you do, find ways to help others and in doing so it will cause you joy and joy will produce strength.

So now we must find a way to help those in need, the stories I have read of American generosity are so heartwarming.

Seems like a break from all the bickering of politics has been good for me.

America is strong, I believe in the American spirit and I believe this will help draw us together and be a turning point in our great nation. We are truly stronger when we are united.

“One Nation Under God, Indivisible, and Justice for All”

Let us all pull together and help those in need around us. We are here to be a help to someone, who better than you to reach a hand to assist someone, whether it’s helping an elderly person with their groceries or doing the dishes for your wife. Yes, I just said that!

You are part of the solution in this country, young or old, rich or poor, we all have a part to play. Ask God how you can help and ask him to send someone your way. You will be shocked at what happens.

I heard this song;

Help Somebody, By Van Zant

 Don’t get too high on a bottle,
just a little sip every now and then,
fight your fights,
find your grace,
and all the things that you can’t change
and help somebody if you can,
and get right with the man

After hearing it, I realize my battles are my battles. God will give me the Grace to fight them, don’t worry about the stuff you can’t fix. Helping people helps us to find our Grace and places us in a place to stay right with Him.

So today is a new day and brand new start; the sun is up and life is straight ahead.

Go do your part.

Thank you,


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