Honoring Veterans in the Historic Town of Lake City, Colorado

by | Jun 21, 2017 | Article

Lake City War Memorial

A Century of Military Commitment

Located in Hinsdale County Colorado, in the picturesque town of Lake City is home to our latest project.  Surrounded by peaks, wildlife, rocky canyons, and high valley floors sits the small quiet town of Lake City.  A wonderfully maintained historic town established in 1874, Lake City has preserved Americana as it should be.  It’s rich ties to mining gold and silver long gone this old town has been and still is a boon to tourism and summer residences.  Approximately 255 miles from Denver, Lake City sits in the Northeast edge of the San Juan Mountains.

bronze war plaque

“Dedicated to the Veterans of all Military branches, from Hinsdale County, that have served their country. Remembrance of their dedication, deeds, and supreme sacrifice exemplify their patriotism and loyalty to the United States of America”

This Memorial Day in 2017, we at Honor Life Memorials have continued our contribution to commemorate the remembrance on a memorial stone for the Veterans of Hinsdale County.  Since installing a 5,100-lb, 7 foot tall by 3 foot wide Georgia grey granite back in November 2016, Honor Life has continued the dedication by returning to the site and adding more names of those who served our great country from Hinsdale County. It is our honor to install and maintain this Veterans Park memorial for the citizens of Lake City.


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