Everyone Has A Story

Not everyone can be a famous figure in our society.  It’s quite possible that no one may know you by name outside of your town or city.  It’s very likely that the only people who may know us, we are married to, they taught or raised us or grew up with us.  But even with all this non-celebrity status, or non-celebrated person status, we all have and/or will make an impact on those around us.   Everyone has a story.

A nice gesture in line at your local grocery store can be remembered for years.  A charismatic teacher that goes beyond just teaching a subject but explains how useful it is can create a habit.   A grandfather who cultivated a flair for a love of baking ignited a valuable skill.  Childhood friends who have experienced sleepovers, treehouses and schoolyards would have generated many memories and left their stamp on our lives.

We are more than just a series of numbers that start our lives and end them.

At Honor Life we believe a memorial can be just that; a celebration of the impact we have made on the lives around us.  A beautiful script to capture the beautiful spirit in someone’s name.  Thousands of clip art designs to capture hobbies, favorite teams, passions, beloved pets; symbols of remembrance for loved ones that are near and dear to lives.  Honor Life’s designs allow a design to be as simple or as detailed as one would like.  And with our competitive prices, unlimited lettering and free freight in the Contiguous US only allows a budget to stay intact.

Sign on or call today.  We are waiting to assist you in any way you need.  Because…Everyone has a story…and Honor Life is here to help you tell it.

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